Saturday, September 13, 2008

Intro: New York FOR

New York Fellowship of Reconciliation -- NYFOR -- has been active in its present incarnation since the 1990s when it was re-established by Fr. John Dear, who was then serving as National FOR's Executive Director. For current information and a rundown of some of our history, see our listserv: our NYFOR Yahoo Group, and our online photos. We are expanding our web presence to include this blog to encourage communication and inspire participation from more people of faith who believe in peace, justice and nonviolence. Current focus, besides ending the Iraq occupation and working to prevent further assaults on peace, include stopping torture, working with United for Peace and Justice, documenting Songs for Peace, and planning a cultural peace presentation entitled Pieces of Peace.

NYFOR generally meets monthly on second Thursdays, 6:30 to 8:15 pm. We are grateful to our host, Church of the Village, 201 West 13th Street, NYC 10011, [NW Corner of 13th Street and 7th Avenue; for meetings enter side door]. For questions or more information, email New York FOR, write PO Box 7626, New York, NY 10150-7626, or phone 917 374 9679.

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